Mrs Ragne Sinikas is the founder of World Women’s Conference and Awards, The SHE (Save Her through Education) Trust-fund and The Untold story Foundation (under registration) and she is the “Change Makers” Coach and public speaker. Mrs Sinikas discovered that so many women still in this modern world live without voice, human rights and gender equality.

Ragne fosters the need to create opportunities and access for them so that they can break through and change the course of their own lives and the ones that they are surrounded with. Today Ragne believes that pursuing your dreams with a powerful intention and sense of purpose, requires a call from within yourself to activate that desire. The power of presence ignites your capacity to create a remarkable future by transforming that intention into future action. Ragne has been fortunate enough to inspire and lead others toward revealing their uniqueness and adding value to their lives. Ragne’s purpose is to help others to find they’re why in life and give them the opportunity to have a choice of better life, have a voice that is heard and being respected physically and mentally. Ragne is also committed to contribute to the environmental solutions that will give hope for the next generations. Having water and electricity is a human right and should be available to every single soul on this earth not just a privilege of the chosen ones. Originally from Estonia, Ragne is a multilingual world citizen. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing on marketing at the International University of Audentes, Estonia. Ragne’s passion is serving others and making significant impact to the lives that she touches. Therefore Ragne is the advisory board member for the Ellamo Foundation and an active member of several Non Profit Asociations and Foundations; The Asociacion de Mujeres Empresarias and FCEM, Red Autismo Foundation and Corazon de Niño Foundation, Cadena A.C. Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assist in emergencies and prevention of natural disasters. Coparmex Delegacion Los Cabos, Rochat School Los Cabos, The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals, ambassador for The Global Access Initiative (GAI). Proud member of M21Empowerment and M21Female Empowerment, Unblinded, Digital Marketing mentorship, Click Funnel, Inspired Motivated Sales Leaders, Dream Team Coaches, Network21, Maximised Growth movements. Ragne has 15 years of sales leadership consisting in developing and implementing sales and business plans throughout Mexico, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Italy, Germany in several industry sectors. Ragne Sinikas, joined BCS Solar as a member of the company’s management team, and further drive BCS Solar’s market opportunity in the increasing demand for renewable energy in Baja California Sur. Ragne is a seasoned entrepreneur that possesses extensive experience at the executive level in operations, business development, fund-raising, strategy, sales and marketing. Excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics. Mrs Sinikas will secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth. At the start of Ragne’s professional career she was managing 10 new business centers in Baltic Countries for IWG plc, formerly Regus, the industry leading multinational corporation that provides global workplace solutions. As Team Leader & NCO director, Ragne built high performance sales teams from the ground up to win significant engagements with Tier 1 networking. Ragne founded and grew a boutique management consultancy specializing in strategy implementation and performance improvement. In Cabos Ragne opened the first Co-working Space, that brings together all the Los Cabos entrepreneurs from developers to the tourism industry to network, collaborate and foster the community.

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