World Women VISION Awards, celebrating and acknowledging courageous, impactful, inspirational, influential women leaders with a vision who empower other women worldwide. The WWCA VISION Awardees are women who reflect Value, Inclusion, Significance, Innovation, Outstanding, and Nurturance.

The Categories
Agriculture, Art and Culture, Aviation, ​Community Service, Education, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Financial Inclusion, Gender Equality, Health & Wellness, Leadership, Marketing, Philanthropy, Real Estate, Sports, ​Technology & Innovation, and Youth Leadership.

“You have it within your power to make your life a great story, one of significance. Every person can. We believe in you, and that is the reason we are organizing this Award. Regardless of nationality, opportunity, ethnicity, or capacity, each of us can live a life of significance.” Ragne Sinikas, Founder

Drums were drumming and music filled the airwaves as the World Women Conference and Awards (WWCA) celebrated women from eleven countries with the first World Women VISION Awards. People from more than 25 countries attended the virtual awards ceremony, attesting to the importance the awards have for positively affecting communities around the world. “Within every woman lies a giant that needs to be awakened. The award will provoke and influence others to rise up to be game changers, tap into their inner power to serve and leave a legacy,” explained Ntsiki Ncoco, Chapter Leader of Johannesburg, South Africa and The Africa Training Leader. The Awards recognize women who have vision and empower other women worldwide. Awardees reflect VISION: Value, Inclusion, Significance, Innovation, Outstanding, and Nurturance. Extraordinary women leaders from 19 countries on 6 continents were nominated in 18 award categories. World Women Conference & Awards is proud to honor these women for their courage, impact, inspiration and influence toward empowering women to bring about positive change in their communities and in the world. Five women received the Visionary Leader Award: Desziree Richardson (UK), Dinorah De Haro (Mexico), Lori A. McNeil (USA), MEejie Chaparro-Traverso (USA), and Sharesz T. Wilkinson (Malaysia). WWCA congratulates the following World Women VISION Awardees: Agriculture: Nkwenti Claudette Ngefor of Cameroon Art & Culture: Norma De Saint Picman of Slovenia Community Service: Nichole Henderson of the USA Education: Pnina Peleg Cohen of Israel Energy: Yolanda Mabuto of South Africa Entrepreneurship: Anner J. Echols of the USA Environment: Liberatha Kawamala of Tanzania Finance: Liz Aranda of the USA Gender Equality: Barbara Trower-Simpkins of the USA Health & Wellness: Barbara Kamba-Nyathi of Namibia Leadership: LaKisha James of the USA Marketing: Cristal Balk of the USA Philanthropy: Sarifa Younes of Australia Real Estate: Jennifer Gibbons of the USA Sports: Marta Morales of Mexico Technology & Innovation: Ingrid Vasiliu-Feites of the USA Youth Leadership: Amber Lyons of the USA

The ceremonies included a rousing speech by Forbes Riley, plus special musical performances by the MAKO Girls, and by Sarah Harmony Waters. The program was rounded out by an informative talk by sponsor Michael D. Butler. The awards event was sponsored by Bill Walsh of Power International and  Michael D. Butler of According to Global Grassroots Mobilization USA Committee member Baylan Megino, “WWCA encourages and trains women to shine in leadership positions. What sets WWCA apart are its unflinching, compassionate acknowledgement of the many difficult challenges that women have faced, and its efforts to empower one to thrive beyond these experiences – to become the leader you are meant to be in the world.” The awards ceremony is part of WWCA Founder Ragne Sinikas’ vision for the women of the world. She encourages every woman to step in to create her own vision. “Every generation gets an opportunity to make a difference, but the people of that generation have to seize that opportunity,” she explains. “Do you want to make a difference by doing something that makes a difference with people who make a difference at a time that makes a difference? I invite you to become one of the next World Women of Vision! See, believe, feel, say, and do things that others don’t. See you March 2022!”

World Women Conference and Awards’ mission is to reposition women for high performance, improve leadership, and encourage strong participation in economic and social development. WWCA is a part of The Untold Story Foundation, a nonprofit organization registered in Estonia, and established in 2019

World Women Conference (WWCA)

World Women Conference & Awards (WWCA) is the foremost international gathering of women leaders designed to discuss and share experiences, strategies, and opportunities with and for women in areas of health, leadership, finance and personal development. This will be the first summit of its kind anywhere in the world, led by power women around the world, for all women across the 7 continents of the world.
The aim is to bring together women service providers, professionals, NGOs, educators, business leaders, entrepreneurs across the 7 continents of the world. Internationally renowned speakers, academicians, researchers, women activists, policymakers and delegates from worldwide will participate in the conference to discuss women and girl child issues and empower women in a global context by offering inspiration, motivation and networking opportunities.

WWCA Vision

To celebrate innovative & extraordinary women and raise a global women community that is an active force in social, economic and cultural development of nations.

WWCA Mission

To reposition women for high performance, improved leadership
and strong participation in the economic and social development of the society.

The conference will create debates and stimulate thinking around

  • How can women all over the world come together and play a role in building and empowering their communities?
  • How can men help in building a new paradigm for women as an equal and complementary force in building society?
  • How can we bring together global leaders to redefine the role of women — in nation-building across all sectors of the society?
  • How can we create a sustainable support system that helps women around the world better identify and scale opportunities to ignite and engender lasting change in their communities?

The World Women Awards

Presented by World Women Conference, recognizes the outstanding contributions and achievements of women around the world. The World Women Awards recognize the many women and young women who are leading the way in their chosen fields and making outstanding contributions to sustainable development in their countries, continents and the world at large.
The World Women AWARDS also reward individuals, Govt Agencies, companies, investors and development partners whose strategies are proof of their absolute resolve to play a part in the development of women around the world.

World Women Awards will be presented at a high-level, exclusive session during the WORLD WOMEN CONFERENCE Gala night. Recipients will be selected for their outstanding commitment and results in society.
In the Award Gala Night- World Women Awards, the group will celebrate and honor the doers and the doing; some of the women who have distinguished themselves and truly excelled in their professional lives, demonstrating innovation, leadership, talent, a strong sense of self-worth, hard work, and a success-driven work ethics around the world. The award categories will target power women across the 7 continents of the world. The award session will also celebrate and honor men leaders and organizations around the world whose works are directly affecting women’s empowerment positively and aiding the promotion of gender equality around the world.