World Women Conference (WWCA)

World Women Conference & Awards (WWCA) is the foremost international gathering of women leaders designed to discuss and share experiences, strategies, and opportunities with and for women in areas of health, leadership, finance and personal development. This will be the first summit of its kind anywhere in the world, led by power women around the world, for all women across the 7 continents of the world.
The aim is to bring together women service providers, professionals, NGOs, educators, business leaders, entrepreneurs across the 7 continents of the world. Internationally renowned speakers, academicians, researchers, women activists, policymakers and delegates from worldwide will participate in the conference to discuss women and girl child issues and empower women in a global context by offering inspiration, motivation and networking opportunities.

WWCA Vision

To celebrate innovative & extraordinary women and raise a global women community that is an active force in social, economic and cultural development of nations.

WWCA Mission

To reposition women for high performance, improved leadership
and strong participation in the economic and social development of the society.

The conference will create debates and stimulate thinking around

  • How can women all over the world come together and play a role in building and empowering their communities?
  • How can men help in building a new paradigm for women as an equal and complementary force in building society?
  • How can we bring together global leaders to redefine the role of women — in nation-building across all sectors of the society?
  • How can we create a sustainable support system that helps women around the world better identify and scale opportunities to ignite and engender lasting change in their communities?

The World Women Awards

Presented by World Women Conference, recognizes the outstanding contributions and achievements of women around the world. The World Women Awards recognize the many women and young women who are leading the way in their chosen fields and making outstanding contributions to sustainable development in their countries, continents and the world at large.
The World Women AWARDS also reward individuals, Govt Agencies, companies, investors and development partners whose strategies are proof of their absolute resolve to play a part in the development of women around the world.

The World Women AWARDS 2020

Will be presented at a high-level, exclusive session during the WORLD WOMEN CONFERENCE 2020 Gala night. Recipients will be selected for their outstanding commitment and results in society.
In the Award Gala Night- World Women Awards, the group will celebrate and honor the doers and the doing; some of the women who have distinguished themselves and truly excelled in their professional lives, demonstrating innovation, leadership, talent, a strong sense of self-worth, hard work, and a success-driven work ethics around the world. The award categories will target power women across the 7 continents of the world. The award session will also celebrate and honor men leaders and organizations around the world whose works are directly affecting women’s empowerment positively and aiding the promotion of gender equality around the world.